Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spokane Doesn't Suck

Hello friends,

Here we are again. Sorry it has been a while since my last post but I have had some major life changes over the break. Mainly, I moved! Now I don't mean I moved like I got a new studio, or a few towns over... no. I moved cross country. New England to the Pacific Northwest. One extreme to the next. Though I loved my time in Boston it was time to move on and settle down somewhere that was a bit more realistic for Scott and I. We wanted to be closer to family and Spokane had a job for Scott. So here we are! It has been a crazy adjustment for us but we are finally settling into a groove. Its not Pittsburgh (my hometown) nor is it Boston but for now it's Home sweet home.

One surprising thing about life in Spokane is that not everyone is thrilled to be here... Literally there is a social media campaign going on right now (#Spokanedoesntsuck) just for people to try an show how awesome Spokane can be. There are that many haters that people have to rally the troops and make a statement! Let me tell you, that Spokane may not be Seattle but it does have its moments. It is beautiful. There are trees everywhere and the rolling hills are great. I can't say that I love everything about it, but who loves everything about their town? Anyway back to art...

The first thing I did in our new town was search for any and all art gathers. Though I missed a few deadlines for a couple shows (by 2 days!) I was able to apply and get into Art on the Ave. Its a street festival where businesses open up and artists take over! Over 40 artists participated in the event and there was non stop traffic in the businesses. The day was so much fun. There was an Elvis impersonator, coffee stands, public art and just tons of stuff to see. I was lucky enough to be paired with Era Vintage Home. Please check them out- especially if you are one of my Spokane people. You will love it. They have awesomely retro furniture, dishes, cabinets, trinkets, clothing, and everything in between. My vintage inspired artwork was right at home in their store!

Along with a few tried and true works I also brought a few new pieces that I created all inspired by the move. Scott and I drove cross country in 5 days. I was inspired every step along the way. Who knew Utah was so beautiful? I have so many source photos and everyday am creating something new.

A few of my pieces sold but I still have more in my inventory that I would like to move! My Etsy site has a couple of the available pieces for sale. And right now (until Thanksgiving 2015) you can get a print or panel from PaperSlip for 20% off with coupon code ArtAve. AND if you don't see a print you are looking for send me a message. I would be happy to put up a special listing just for you!

I am excited about the new changes in my life. I'm stressed, and I'm not sure if I'm making the right choices always, but I am excited for what life is going to send my way.

Here's to Spokane and our new, sparkly, future together.