Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What goes into a commissioned piece?

Okay so I make art. Most of the time I make images that speak to me. Things I like, places I miss, found objects that seem like little paper gems. But I understand that my cup of tea may not be everyone's. Maybe you aren't as obsessed with Pittsburgh as I am. Maybe you have all the Boston art you will ever need. But here's the thing. I only make the art I make due to what I have around me. If I could travel the world and take images of the Nile and get my hands on old letters written while going down river, I would.

Commissioned piece using photos of clients family cabin,
old newspaper clippings, their favorite flowers on the property,
and a bible verse that is special to them.

Which is where you come in. You want pieces that speak of you and your family, your history, and the memories you have made over the years. I want to see what makes your experiences different than mine! So lets work together. 

I love creating digital collages. Taking images, textures, and letters and creating surrealist dreamscapes are one of my favorite things. Every place I go to is more than the buildings and fields that I see. Everywhere is full of memories and emotions, history and feelings. I do my best to fill images with these extra bits that make my work more than just a photo of places that I love. When I make pieces for myself, Its normally surrounding places that mean something to me, Pittsburgh, Boston, Spokane, vacation spots, and images that remind me of people in my life. I have found that these do not always relate to people viewing my work. I haven't been everywhere so your special place may not be represented. Which is why I give the option for commissioned pieces. I think COMMISSION is a scary word. To me, I would never consider doing a custom piece from an artist because I feel like it would take too long and inconvenience the artist, or be WAY too much money. I get it. You want something special but you still need to buy groceries!

Which is why when I first bounced the idea around of doing custom work for clients I wanted it to be something that was as easy and fun as possible for you! 

I create pieces with you in mind and work closely with you to create the perfect finished product. Send me your favorite photos, a quote, a blueprint of your family barn.. Whatever is important to you!

Commissioned piece for someone missing their home
of Seattle. Also the biggest Mariners fan ever. 

Best part? The commissioned pieces start at 100. That's it.

Now if you want a picture that covers the entirety of your 10 foot by 14 foot wall we are talking a bit more... I need those groceries too...

How the pricing works for my commissions is that there is a flat 100 dollar fee for creating the artwork. Then based on size of the final work, printing costs will be added to that 100.

Printing costs:

8x10 +0
11x14 +25
16x20 +50
20x24 +100
24x36 +150
30x40 +200

That's it. Simple. Affordable. And entirely in your control.

Need more information or want to start the conversation about custom work? Contact me at my website or email

A piece that dealt with a feeling and emotion rather than
a particular place or event. Yes even this can be part of
our conversation! The world is your oyster!