Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Fantastic Finish

So the canvases are in and the images still look great! (If I do say so myself!) I am beyond excited. When they first came in we realized that the laminated logo no longer fit with the other pieces. It was way to shiny and needed to be toned down considerably. Also All of the canvases came about 1 1/2" away form the wall and the logo was going to be flush. At first we didn't think it would matter since the quilts would too be up against the wall fairly flat, but after seeing everything laid out we knew that we would have to give the logo some depth. 

Just look at the shine.

I addressed the first problem with my one stop problem solving shop... Matte Medium. A few coats and it was less abrasive. To give it height I decided to go to a local frame shop that MaryAnn suggested. I found a frame that was 1" deep and had a beautiful espresso finish. The molding is extremely simple and yet very classic. The cool part about this particular shop is that you get to join and fit the piece yourself.. this saves you a bit of money and is just fun to be able to do the piece from start to finish!

I even got to join the frame!

Last Sunday the church had a huge celebration for the end of construction and renovations. It was so exciting to show people my work. I haven't had the opportunity before then to show people I spend Sundays with what I do. I was very happy with the feedback. 

Here are some images that I stole from Mary Ann's blog... I went in on Monday to take photos but they had to take everything down to repaint the wall behind the artwork... oh well. Everything will be back in place soon.

The entryway.

All of the pieces together. I love the way the quilts and art look together!

I am so grateful to be a part of this project. Its nice to know that even when I leave Boston (eventually) there will still be a piece of me left behind. tear.

The artists.


  1. CONGRATS GWYN! I LOVE this installation so much, and love even more that you are a part of it!!! Way to go!

  2. Awesome! Nice to see our work on your blog. I hope we can collaborate on another project.