Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New work alert! Wawoowawooo! (alarm noise...)

This week I have been really missing Pittsburgh. Most specifically missing the architecture and textures of the city. I am in a stage where I need more source material. I need to go out and take pictures find more letters, buy some books.. i am running LOW. But I have been so unmotivated to do so. After all the snow we have had in Boston I can't imagine going into the city. I want no part in finding parking, driving down even more narrow streets, and lets face it... this snow has made Bostonian's even more cranky. Now I will say that the snow is melting and things aren't as bad anymore but I still can't get myself down 95. So instead I think about how easy it would be to drive around Pittsburgh. True fact, Pittsburgh drivers are the nicest drivers. They let people make left hand turns, talk to each other at lights, and are just great. I imagine driving around, seeing something, throwing on my flashers, getting the picture I need, and going on with my day. Here I get cursed at if I so much as stop for a pedestrian... which is the law by the way! Anyway. I am not feeling Boston right now and I'm missing Pittsburgh and I have images from my last trip home so i'm making a series of abandoned buildings inspired by da burgh. 

I love this building
I am really digging these few pieces. Once I get over my Boston driving fear I plan on taking a trip to explore buildings around MA. Hopefully I can do at least ten of these. Each building seems to have its own personality and it is so much fun figuring them out. The building in the above photo just look so proud, like she has her head raised high, even though she isn't in the best shape. Whereas the building below seems to be sinking into itself.. almost like its slouching. (Maybe I need to spend more time with adults and less time with pictures of buildings...)

I have a weakness... and it is clouds.

Once I have a few more images I will be printing a set of these off. I'm thinking about printing both on Luster and Matte paper. All images will be 11x14. Keep tuned for more information on these and other pieces in this series! Hopefully one of these days I will get my act together and get some pieces in a shop online. Now I just need to figure out which site is best. Does anyone use anything other than Etsy these days? Is Etsy still relevant? Let me know what you think.

Song of the hour- Hot Volcano by Pearl and the Beard. Truthfully I've listened to it on repeat for the past hour. This is a power song for me.. I get a lot done. Really anything with Pearl and the Beard. These abandoned building pieces seem to just appear when P&TB is on. weird. 

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  1. Very nice! I have a whole bunch of photos from Pittsburgh when we visited. I was surprised how beautiful it is. I will have to tell you a funny story sometime.....